Meeting of all the arts – Festival Vida & Arte

Crossing different artistic manifestations on the same stage is the proposal of Festival Vida & Arte, which reappears in 2018 as a space of experiences and exchanges

06.06.18 - 05H04 Por yngwie

Jáder Santana

To stop being an audience and to take on the role of an element in the process of artistic achievement. It is not just a question of attending the shows, of accompanying debates, of walking through exhibitions. The proposal of Festival Vida & Arte is to offer the possibility of living culture as a sensorial experience that extrapolates the classic roles in communication channels: emitters and receivers give up their pre-established places and open themselves to the possibilities of a real, organic interaction.

Rescuing a project that moved Fortaleza on two occasions, in 2003 and 2005, represents a challenge that is even more exciting when considered within the panorama of celebrations for the 90 years of O POVO newspaper. How to organize a Festival that pays homage to the best of the past, that is tuned to the agendas of the present and that does not leave to look for the possibilities of the future? This was the provocation that moved the teams of coordinators, curators and disseminators organized around the event.

The curatorial project has resulted in a special program, rich in its diversity and current in the way it opens to discussions that lead to debate. There are more than 500 attractions confirmed for the four days of Festival Vida & Arte, with guests distributed in specific curators ranging from music to gastronomy, from pop culture to theater, from spirituality to cinema.

And everything is just beginning.


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